The secret principle of bolts and nuts

According to the connection mode of bolts and nuts, the working principle of the ring can adhere to not loose in harsh conditions, the Chinese standard parts network summed up a nut loose principle, hoping to help you.

Its main structure is a double nut reverse thread anti-loosening fastening device

It is mainly composed of positive and negative double thread screw, fastening nut, positioning pin and limit nut, among which fastening nut and limit nut turn opposite.

Double screw is divided into forward thread section and reverse thread section, and the reverse thread section is at the top of the screw and has a small diameter.

A plurality of circular arc-shaped grooves are arranged on the side of the fastening nut near the limit nut, and the direction of the grooves from shallow to deep is opposite to the tightening direction of the limit nut.

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① When running 12000km each time for secondary maintenance, the engine oil sump should be assembled to check the use of the engine bearing bush. If it is found that the clearance of the individual bearing bush is too large, it should be replaced, and the connecting rod bolts should be replaced at the same time. In normal operation, if the engine is found to run unsmoothly and there is abnormal sound, it should also stop in time to check.

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